Tea-Rex infuser

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Add a tiny Tea-Rex to your morning cuppa with this lil’ guy. Feel the power as you steep your lime coconut oolong with this lil’ guy on a stainless steel leash!

Silicone; dishwasher-safe; 10cm high

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T-Rex gets a lot of flack. The media portrays him as a violent, rampant, destructive beast with an insatiable appetite for human beings (which makes no sense cause we don’t have that much meat on us). However he’s actually a pitiable creature with such dumpy arms he probably can’t scratch his own bottom. This makes us really sad for him.

So we’re taking a stand and adding a tiny Tea-Rex to our morning cuppa. This means legitimate employment, giving Rexy a sense of purpose and helpfulness, and creating demand for his services.

Feel the power of paleontological social development as you steep your coconut lime oolong with this lil’ guy on a stainless steel leash!

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1 review for Tea-Rex infuser

  1. Semone

    I adore my Tea-Rex and not only because I love a good pun! I stuff him with some Coconut Lime Oolong and haul him off to work with me to face the day ahead. He’s my get-it-together guy and critical to my daily health and well-being. Thanks for the top notch service Everything Tea!

    • Tessa Kerrich Walker

      Thanks Semone we love that you love our stuff!

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