Ceremonial Matcha


Organic Matcha – Ceremonial grade
Our organic ceremonial matcha is grown in the Isagawa area of Haruno-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan without pesticides or chemical fertilisers. It is a single origin tea variety called Gokou. Made from the first harvest of the year, the tea leaves are slowly steamed, roasted and stone milled according to authentic Japanese tradition, resulting in a creamy, sweet, rich matcha with great UMAMI and low astringency.
Sweetness: 5
Richness : 5
Freshness 3
Roast Fragrance: 3
Astringency: 1
Tea Cultivar: Gokou
40g | 20 servings
Ingredients: Stone milled organic matcha green tea.

Produced in Japan, packed in South Africa.

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Directions: Add 1-2 grams of Matcha powder to a bowl, using a small sieve. Add 70ml hot (80C) water. Whisk vigorously in a zigzag motion until the tea is frothy. Matcha can be enjoyed as it, or topped up with steamed milk of choice.
This ceremonial grade matcha is ground using a stone mill, making the particles superfine and prone to clumping. To prevent clumping use a tea strainer and sift your matcha for optimal froth, smoothness, and drinkability.
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