Assam tea is a black tea named after the region of its production, Assam, India, it cannot be produced anywhere else in the world. It is manufactured specifically from the plant Camellia sinensis var. assamica. Assam is typically drank as a Breakfast tea, but can be enjoyed anytime!

100g Pouch| 50 servings

Cultivar: Camellia sinensis var. assamica

Tasting notes: Earthy with hints of mandarin with sour, sweet and malty, notes of orange zest and bold with flavour but not overly bitter

Caffeine: depending on duration of steep,  60–112 mg


Reminiscent of: The sun streaks peeking into your bedroom

Make memories with: your furry companion

Pair with: Tiny fluted French pastries





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Brewing Instructions

Serving size: 3-4g (1 teaspoon) per 200ml of water
Water temperature: Boiling water
Brewing time: 2-10 minutes depending on preference.

Assam is exceptionally unique and can be brewed several times, each time changing the flavour profile:

First Brew
The leaves have a strong, earthy aroma with a hint of mandarin, the aroma is less earthy and has a slightly bittersweet taste that can turn sour, resembling the taste of caramelised orange zest.

Second Brew
The liquor has a very nutty aroma that may be described as mildly relaxing by some. It retains the sourness of the first brew, tickling the tongue just right.

Third Brew
The tea leaves no longer retain their earthy aroma but now smell more like strawberry coulis and tastes like it too. It tastes sweet in the beginning and then turns sour, before tasting sweet again, and then sour again.


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